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Salaams and hello.

I am here to share my writings and my reflections while on the path of seeking knowledge.
My aim is to inspire people to embark on this journey in the pursuit of the highest Truth through coaching, research and reflections in psychology and Islamic studies.



The Art of No: Learning to Say No by Learning to Receive It

Friday, 23 March, 2018|

In today’s hurried life where we tend to get ourselves caught, many tips, techniques and well-meaning pieces of advice have sprung up teaching us how to say No to requests that don't line up with what we want for ourselves. And, indeed, they are helpful; indeed, we do need to learn how to say No. But there’s something [...]

Where Do I Belong? A Walk Through an Unmet Human Need

Saturday, 24 February, 2018|

Belonging. It is one of our basic human needs which we try to fulfil in our daily lives. We seek it in the connections we make. We seek it in our family, in our friends, in our community, and even, in our land. For me though, a sense of belonging isn’t something I felt I ‘had’ while I [...]

One Question to Ask Yourself When Life Overwhelms

Friday, 16 February, 2018|

Some of the best conversations I’ve had are held over coffee. I met up with a friend recently on one of those random rendezvous moments where we both thought we had to get away from the tedium of life’s ongoing responsibilities and spend a girls’ day out. When I meet with my friends, I usually try to simply [...]

How to Look at the Unpleasantness In Our Lives

Tuesday, 16 January, 2018|

A sister recently came to me asking about how she may handle depressing thoughts and mood swings that come to her often, making her susceptible to acting out on them on her loved ones, which then sends her down the road of self-doubt as a mother and a wife. Below is my reply to her. I have left [...]

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